It’s All About The Look

July 3, 2009

Holga 120s on Kodak T Max 400

Holga 120s on Kodak T Max 400

I love shooting Fuji Provia 100f with my Leica glass. The results are super sharp. I have spent more money than I should have purchasing some of the finest lenses made for my cameras. I love shooting medium format with the Hasselblad, especially black and white. The tones are so creamy and detail is amazing. Again, they don’t give the Zeiss glass away. So I was a little reluctant to take the Holga up to the counter and hand over my cash, even though it was only fifty bucks. After all, that is five rolls of HP5 I could be buying. Would I like this camera, with a plastic shutter, plastic body, plastic lens. In fact the only thing not plastic on this camera is the Gaffers tape that I have strapped all over the it to prevent the light from leaking through the not so light proof casing. One shutter speed, although I don’t exactly know what it is. One aperture, which they say is about f/11. So I threw in a roll of Kodak T Max, which has great exposure latitude, and hoped for the best.

Well I can say that I really like the results that I have acheived with the Holga so far. Sharp it isn’t. I would describe it as dreamy. Since I applied the Gaffers tape, I am getting results that are more consistant but I am told some people think the light leaks are part of what make the Holga experience so enjoyable. I’ll pass on the leaks.

So far, the ride has been fun, and next, I think I might try the panaromic Holga. I hope to post some pics in the not too distant future.


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