Traditional Processes

January 26, 2010

Here is a great set of clips on platinum printing. Hauser is a photographer in Paris, and he’s using all sort of modern and traditional processes to make his fantastic images. In these clips, he runs us through his technique on producing platinum prints. This is something that I want to try in the future, but space and time constraits are preventing me from doing this anytime soon.

The first clip gives a little background on V. Tony, and the last two in the series get to the nuts and bolts.


Mallee, South Australia

January 25, 2010

I’ve got myself a healthy amount of black and white landscape images taken in the Murraylands region here in South Australia. I’m going to concentrate more on these, and hope that, over time, I can build up a good collection of images from a part of the State that isn’t especially known for its beauty.

Hard To Beleive

January 23, 2010

Now I admit, I love Formula One but apart from, I’m not much of a motor sport fan. However this is one amazing and humourous video of an event that happened here in Australia. The late great Barry Sheen “that’s what they call a control tyre”!