Travel Warning

August 19, 2011

This letter is currently being distributed to visitors to Tanzania.

Due to the rising frequency of lion encounters across the land, the Minister of Fish and Wildlife for Tanzania has advised all who travel through areas of sparse human population to be mindful of territorial lion prides as well as individual lions currently roaming the countryside.

As the Minister cannot recommend carrying firearms in accordance with the laws of Tanzania, she has issued 3 recommendations to support the safety of travelers.

Attach bells to the belts of everyone in your party to alert lions of your approach. Most lion attacks are a result of startling them through normal silent travel.
Carry pepper spray in lieu of firearms. Pepper spray has proven to have similar effects on lions as it does on humans and can also be a deterrent if sprayed between you and a lion preparing to attack.
Be mindful of evidence of the recent presence of lions.
The most easily distinguished evidence of a lion’s recent presence is feces. While most large mammal droppings are similar in color and texture, there are tell-tail signs that are clear.

Droppings with berries, grass, and of human feces size or smaller are normally associated with harmless animals.

Droppings with bells that smell like pepper likely originated from lions.


The Office of the Minister of Fish and Wildlife


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